Employee Spotlight

What St. Teresa Rehabilitation & Nursing Center employees are saying:

“St. Teresa is a place of growth. Working here, I know that there will be many opportunities for me to enhance my training and gain more knowledge about being an LNA!”

โ€“ Anna Doucet, LNA

“I enjoy the calm, quiet atmosphere at St. Teresa, as well as the support from management and flexible work schedule.”

โ€“ Amy Parent, RN

“What I love most about my job is how much our residents are cared for. They are always our priority, and we always work as a team to provide the highest level of support that every one of them deserves.”

โ€“ Lauren Castellano, LPN

“At St. Teresa, I find a strong sense of community among staff, residents and families, where we really get to know the residents we care for every day. They have lived interesting lives and share stories, advice and wisdom.”

โ€“ Teresa Leccese, RN

“St. Teresa offers a warm, welcoming and supportive home-like environment. It has opened doors of opportunity to me as a nurse, and expanded my heart to the residents and staff that I now call family.”

โ€“ Haley Ladd, LPN

“Working at St. Teresa gives me the spirit and the drive to make a better future. It is with a grateful heart that I know that my โ€˜work familyโ€™ is supporting me in pursuing my dream to be a nurse.”

โ€“ Marveley Larmond, LMNA

“The residents and their families at St. Teresa feel like my own family and friends!”

โ€“ Rachel Uboldi, Reception & Administrative Asst.

“It touches my heart that our residents allow me to care for them. I am honored to be part of their daily life and consider them family.”

โ€“ Melissa Michon, Culinary Assistant