Welcome to St. Teresa Rehabilitation and Nursing Center

Welcome to St. Teresa Rehabilitation & Nursing Center in Manchester, New Hampshire, where we have proudly served residents across Greater Manchester for more than 70 years.

When meeting with prospective residents and families, they often ask: What makes us a warm, safe and supportive place to rehab, live, visit and work?

As you’ll learn, we are small community where everyone knows your name. During your stay, we learn so much about you – whether you’re a resident or family member – and you become family.

Let us share a bit about our family.

The day after Ron moved in for a rehabilitation stay, we learned he was celebrating his 59th wedding anniversary. He was anxious – he had always gotten his wife, Margaret Rose, roses for their anniversary. “She’s a special lady,” he said.

When Margaret arrived to share lunch with Ron, he smiled broadly. In his right hand was a bouquet of roses, and behind him floated an “I Love You” balloon. We had taken that extra step because we knew the moment was important to him. We also knew that easing his anxiety would ultimately help with his recovery. Margaret Rose, like Ron, had also experienced a rehab stay with us. Likening it to old home days, she loves that staff members still know her, and she recognizes them.

David came to St. Teresa with a serious and debilitating illness. He was completely dependent on us for care. Determined to regain his independence, he embraced one goal: to walk out the front door. Almost a year later, he did just that! We sent him home with lots of hugs and a song (you can even view the video here). This is what we do for members of our family.

We have an outdoor enthusiast and gardener in our Sandy. Our rooms surround a garden courtyard and Sandy’s view is of flowers, plants and birds in the spring and summer. She helps us plant our flowers and vegetables in the spring and waters them in the early mornings. She assists in preparing for our weekly cookouts, with decorations and settings. In the winter, you will find Sandy selling raffle tickets to raise money for the NH Food Bank as part of Seniors Aide New Hampshire. We all like to be productive and useful and contribute to our families and communities with a sense of purpose.

Jack is our sports enthusiast. If it is a Boston team, he is our consummate fan. Walk into his room and there’s Red Sox memorabilia all over. It was Jack’s dream to get back to his beloved Fenway Park. A group effort made that happen. With generous support from the transportation company that takes him to his weekly medical appointments, and the assistance of his regular driver, Jack — accompanied by our LNA — had his day at Fenway. Our extended family comes together for our immediate family. Read more about Jack here.

George could not leave St. Teresa for his daughter’s wedding while he was recovering. His daughter knew she could not tie the knot without Dad there. With sparkling lights, flowers and love from all, we transformed our living room into a wedding chapel and reception hall. It was a day none of us will ever forget.

At St. Teresa, there is often cause for celebration. Last year, Juliet celebrated her 100th birthday, a joyous occasion shared with more than 50 family members and resident friends. There was music and dancing, and 100 pink balloons. Several months later, Juliet passed quietly, surrounded by her family and her caregiver family. We all escorted Juliet out the front door, beneath our prayer blanket, accompanied by our prayers. Love and respect are the hallmarks of family.

Our person-centered approach to care resonates in our stories. Come meet our staff, some with more than 40 years of service. Come meet our residents and their families. Come meet our FAMILY. We’re just a phone call or email away.

Warm wishes, from our family to yours,